Native English Training - Munich

  • SERVICES           

      Language is the vehicle of contact. And I have always
      had a passion for it. I see it as not simply as a means of
      communication, but as one by which personal and
      business goals are achieved and tasks, both everyday
      and extraordinary, are accomplished.

      More importantly, language is the means by which we
      share ourselves with others.

  • HISTORY          

      Born in Britain, I moved to Germany in 1992 where I worked,
      first of all, in curative education. Here I learned the
      importance of language, being responsible for disabled
      children who had little or no possibility to use it.

      In 1999 I started work in the technical field of CAD.
      Also here I was fascinated by the role of language, both
      in project meetings and in application use, which by now
      demanded a basic grasp of programming syntax.

      In 2002 I began studying psychology and linguistic science
      (completed 2010).

      In 2005 I became self employed with what was later to become Given Communication.

      2013 I completed the British IoL Diploma in Translation for language combination German-English.

      Now as a consultant, coach and translator I have worked in several branches of the economy.
      I remain committed to my customers' needs, as well as to my own further training by means
      of regular vocational training .


      I serve customers from various branches of the economy,
      including law, insurance and financial services,
      medical software and hardware, utility companies
      building and engineering industries and others.

      To name but a few: Carl Zeiss Medical Software,
      Frankfurter Buchmesse Ausstellungs- und Messe GmbH,
      Alpha Laser GmbH, EADS and various companies within
      Eon AG.

      My literary translations have been published, for example,
      in New Zealand Sport 40, Neuer Rundschau and at No-Man's-Land..